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Hi i'm Natasha, facilitating this healing work is my life's purpose and it would be an honour to support you.

I help amazing humans like you get to the core of the fear, blocks and old programming that's been holding you back. Together, we clear it for good, so you can save time and effort and live the life you want now.

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My Vision






When you experience trauma, you cope by splitting your consciousness and pushing pain into your subconscious mind, out of your awareness. It may be out of your awareness but your subconscious continues to be a large influence on your everyday thoughts, feelings and actions.  In sessions we uncover what’s been lurking in the subconscious basement - old wounds, childhood memories, negative core beliefs, stuck energy, basically those places within that are locked into fear. We use what’s presently triggering you as a gateway in (money blocks, relationship issues, anxiety etc). We follow the thread back to the root of why this is showing up and shift it at its core. 

Once those shadows are integrated there is a complete shift in perception. You are no longer in battle with yourself as there are no competing parts within. You don’t have to use willpower to push yourself of make things happen. You’re in a flow state – you move into a space of alignment. Alignment is an internal space where you are completely on board with yourself. It is a reconnection to purpose and passion. You live authentically, life flows more easily, there is no effort required. Upon clearing the blocks and barriers that have been keeping you stuck, I give you the tools, techniques and strategies to maintain the internal space of alignment that is felt, so you can move out into the world and fearlessly express the truth of who you are.

Expression is the third stage. You’ve integrated, aligned and now there is support to fully express yourself. No longer bound by knots of judgement, you are free to express your unique gifts fearlessly. You are no longer holding yourself back. Things unfold more effortlessly in life because there is no resistance or opposing parts within. You can now express your unique self, which was always there, but is now unrestricted.

Heal childhood wounds, reconnect with the essence of who you were before life happened.

Matrix Reprinting

Past-Life Regression

Inner Child Healing


My Techniques

During your session, depending on your individual needs, I can draw or any/all of the techniques below. 

 Heal childhood wounds, reconnect with the essence of who you were before life happened.

A powerful process to heal past trauma, clear shock, resolve unhealed emotions & triggers.

Insight into your soul's journey. An opportunity to discover previous life paths.

EFT (Tapping)

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Energy Healing


Acupressure technique designed to relieve physical and emotional discomfort.

Realign what's been causing you discomfort on a core level & come to a place of emotional harmony.

An energetic overhaul using Reconnective Healing & Reiki. Chakra balancing, entity clearing, space clearing.


Natasha Haddad Psychotherapy

Natasha Haddad Psychotherapy

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