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Natasha here!

I am a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Energy Worker, Clairsentient, Medical Intuitive, Retreat Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher & Spiritual Mentor.


Where it All Began

My journey started when I started seeing auras and energy spontaneously when I was 18. As I didn’t grow up in a conscious or spiritual household I had no idea what the heck I was seeing, and so began my journey of awakening -
I wanted to understand everything that I was experiencing. I studied intensively with spiritual masters, shamans, energy healers, all of it was leading me here.


What I'm About

With the intention of becoming a psychologist I completed a psych degree, but by the time I'd finished, I knew I could never work in the confines of regular therapy. There was so much more to healing, I was capable of more than just talk-therapy. Seven years ago I branched out on my own and began seeing clients at a local Spiritual Centre. This decision to not pursue the traditional route was  confirmed for me when I worked with my first bi-polar client. She has been in traditional therapy for years, with no improvement. She was on medication, just had a bad breakup, had no job and was very unhappy. During a session with her I facilitated a massive energetic release. After that she had no more symptoms, no need for medication, she enrolled in University and effortlessly found a new relationship with a lovely balanced man. She completely transformed her life after only a handful of sessions. Formal mental health training is so limited as we are energetic, physical and mental beings. Nowadays I actually have a lot of clients who are Psychologists! These sessions don't just help you analyze trauma - you notice immediate and lasting positive effects in your body, in your life and within your own mind.

I enjoy being free to use all the skills and gifts I have to help my clients achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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My Extrasensory Abilities

During 1:1 sessions I tune in and can feel what you are feeling. I am aware of what is happening in your body;  tension, tightness, emotions are that arise. I feel it come up in waves in my own body. Just a flash, long enough for me to be aware of it and give guidance. I work with states of consciousness, trapped internal parts, and can give insight into the moment a pattern was created. This is not only helpful for direction, or when you can’t quite explain what you’re feeling, but also brings relief, for you are not experiencing this alone, I am truly right there with you.

I don't do 'readings'. Why? I believe everyone is intuitive. My job is not to be a middle-man between yourself and God. I help you clear the blocks to the awareness of your own intuitive guidance system.

Medical Intuition

I scan through the body and am guided to where blockages are. I have picked up on a range of physical ailments and medical conditions. In one session I moved black energy out of the liver, at the end of the session when discussing what I worked on my client shared she had a tumor there. Upon follow up scan with Dr’s explained it had ‘disappeared’. I have helped clear a range of ailments from ADD symptoms to Rheumatoid Arthritis. In the beginning of doing this work I was shaky sharing information that I became aware of, my own fear of getting it wrong. But time and time again people are blown away with the accuracy and I breathe a sigh of relief. Now the mantra to myself is pray and get out of the way haha!

Past-Life Regression

With past life sessions we are working with the quantum field, where time is not linear, it’s all happening right now. There is only the now, every timeline is playing out at once. When taking people through past life regression sessions I can feel, see and sense these ‘other’ lifetimes. I can assist in removing negative contracts, agreements and trauma. Past Life Regression integration is not dissimilar from integrating the inner child. It's all you.

My Qualifications


Bachelor of Science (Psychology) - USQ

EFT and Matrix Reprinting Practitioner - EFTMRA

Reconnective Healing - Dr Eric Pearl 

Seichim Reiki - Medicine Crow

Usui Reiki - Robyn Collins

Suicide Prevention Training - QPR


Goddess Circle & Retreat Facilitator

Mindfulness Teacher - Mindful Schools Australia

Student of The Way of Mastery - 20yrs

Student of A Course in Miracles - 10yrs

Intensive Study with Shamans, Spiritual Masters & Energy Healers

Innate abilities: Medical Intuitive


My Message to You

Enlightenment is a continuous journey of expansion, not a destination point. You're exactly where you're meant to be, right now and it's okay to have support. 

It is my passion and purpose to support those who are placed in front of me to   reconnect with the essence of who they are and find a place of wholeness within. 

Whether you are in deep suffering or you're thriving and would like to level up, I'm 100% here for you. 

Your Psyche & Spirit Are in Safe Hands 

20 years of spiritual learning, growth, healing and teaching  

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