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Facilitated in the comfort of your own home via video chat from anywhere in the world or in person in Sydney Australia. 



1 Session - $275



5 Sessions - $1,250

($250 per session)

Game Changer


10 Sessions - $2,250

($225 per session)

A powerful breakthrough session tailored to your needs. We can focus on whatever issue is the most important to you right now,  where we get to the root cause of whats holding you back and help you radically shift into alignment.

A series of powerful breakthough session tailored to your needs. Line up with your greatest life path potential. For those ready, willing and dedicated to fast and lasting transformation.This will bring integration, inner peace and liberation from the patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back. 

A life-changing series of powerful breakthrough sessions tailored to your needs. This is total realignment. For those ready, willing and dedicated to themselves and willing to prioritize healing resulting in life-long transformation. This will bring integration, inner peace and liberation from chronic patterns and entrenched behaviors that have been holding you back. 

Matrix Reprinting

Past-Life Regression

Inner Child Healing


My Techniques

During your session, depending on your individual needs, I can draw or any/all of the techniques below. 

 Heal childhood wounds, reconnect with the essence of who you were before life happened.

A powerful process to heal past trauma, clear shock, resolve unhealed emotions & triggers.

Insight into your soul's journey. An opportunity to discover previous life paths.

EFT (Tapping)

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Energy Healing


Acupressure technique designed to relieve physical and emotional discomfort.

Realign what's been causing you discomfort on a core level & come to a place of emotional harmony.

An energetic overhaul using Reconnective Healing & Reiki. Chakra balancing, entity clearing, space clearing.

My Healing Space

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