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"I am a skeptic by nature, but I can't deny that Natasha is indeed highly intuitive and is readily able to read where a person is emotionally. She is both gentle and direct; getting right to the point of things and moving through difficult and complex emotional issues with such ease and facility. I've only just had my third session with her and I can honestly say that I feel a real difference already. A person dealing with emotional traumas is in VERY good hands with Natasha. It makes me truly grateful that there are people like her in the world doing what she does............even for the odd hard-boiled skeptic"



"I reached out to Natasha 6 months ago when looking for a completion process therapist. I can't get enough of Natasha's teachings. In 6 months I have gone from an almost shell of a human to someone who has a sense of self, am developing healthy boundaries and finding joy in life again. I feel very safe in the space she creates for me and very much look forward to continuing this work on myself with Natasha's loving guidance"



"I have been seeing Natasha a while, and her sessions I can honestly say are more powerful than any therapy I have experienced before. She gets straight to the underlying issue and is able to address it in a practical and also spiritual and emotional way.
To give an example:
I have been living in a houseboat, with dirty water underneath me which has felt unhealthy. In our session she tapped into an issue regarding dirty water underneath my energy field, that was affecting my heath. I hadn't mentioned the issue to her at all! We worked together to create an energetic barrier between myself and the water. Thank you Natasha."



"I have known Natasha for over 15 years and she has always held a natural gift and talent for intuitive healing.
It has been a pleasure to experience her grow and evolve into the amazing healer she is today.
She has the ability to hold a space for processing and healing anywhere, anytime, even in a busy park with kids running around.
Enlightening and transformational her sessions are. I have been able to heal deep core issues within, with Natashas intuitive guidance.
Thankyou Natasha for your love, care and ability to share your unique gift of healing."
Much love ❤



"I've had a lot of experience with Spiritual therapists, they are the only kind of therapists I use. This time I was looking for one that was specifically trained in the completion process, and I found Natasha.

After every single session with Natasha, some PROFOUND change happens in my life. The change is so subtle, but the impact is so huge. My relationships are magically healing, I have deeper connection, more trust, my ability to communicate my truth keeps getting better and better.

There is no fluffing around, there is just lets get to work and re-integrate your stuff and get on with life.

As a busy person that just wants to be the best version of herself in business, as an athlete, as a human that has a deep need for love and connection. I couldn't have asked for a better way of making all of that happen.

I'd give her 10 stars if I could."



"I connected with Natasha over 6 months ago. To put it lightly my life has been filled with trauma and pain, I was at the peak of my pain in my life and completely stuck when we connected. I truly believe that Natasha was an answer to a lifetime of request for assistance out of the darkness. She has the capacity to create a space for genuine unconditional love, trust me I know the difference because my life experience has taught me to trust no one and I trust her. She provides genuine presence where I don’t feel pushed or pulled, just understood. She has the ability to feel what you are feeling during sessions, which allows you to just be and not explain everything but be guided perfectly as she is right there empathetically with you. She knows herself and therefore you don’t have to worry about what she thinks of you or how emotional you get because she is grounded within herself."



🙂 "Natasha’s excellence is this work!!! She is extremely perceptive, intuitive and attuned and has validated and help me understand and become aware of the parts of me i’m unable to see and that i probably wouldn’t have even know were there. I’ve worked with many practitioners but Natasha is definitely the best ! Every session garners new insights new awareness and makes shifts in my reality. If you want to know the truth, see the truth, be empowered and if you want to dive deep, Natasha is the perfect spiritual guide, healer and practitioner."



"Natasha is pure magic. Working with her is such a gift. From the first session, I felt completely seen, heard and held in her presence. Natasha has a way of guiding the healing process that is so intuitive and effective that I had to come back for more! I have been a regular client ever since and the integration has positively and immensely impacted my sense of self. A true healer and leader, Natasha, a deep thank you for the important work you are doing and living!"



"Natasha is amazing. She is fully present with you during anything difficult or intimidating, guiding you peacefully. She also is an amazing source of encouragement to help you move to your dreams!"



"This was so unique & indepth compared to any other Healing modalities I have used, thank you so much for your time today !!"



"I found Natasha when I was looking for a spiritual healing psychotherapist, I wanted to go further than just scratching the surface and was wishing for someone who could reeeaaaaally feel how I feel and help me from there.
So Natasha is exactly that kind of person. She holds space with so much compassion and presence that she knows more what's going on inside you than yourself 😆"



"Natasha has guided me and helped me to completely change my life!"



"Natasha is the real deal. No Mumbo jumbo, no gurus, no spiritual bypassing. Simple, soulful wisdom from a truly enlightened soul."

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