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Intuitive Energy Healing

I have been practising Reiki for 18yrs and Reconnective Healing (Dr Eric Pearl) for 13yrs.  During sessions I am 100% present and focused on you. As a clairsentient & empath I will feel what you’re feeling, sense into blocked energy and assist you to move and direct it. Often messages are received and passed on. I create a scaffolding for you to reconnect with your higher self and hold an energetic safe haven for this re-alignment to occur. Often clients experience more of their own prowess after sessions such as increased intuitive connection, ability see auras/energy for the first time. Natural connection to your own divine intuitive nature is effortless when the blocks are released.
The energy session goes for 45mins then the remaining time is used to talk you through what I worked on, what I noticed and share guidance for how to support these shifts. This 15min discussion chat happens through video chat, or I can write a report and send it through if you’d prefer.


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