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Weight Loss - My Speciality

Ending a Lifelong Battle

I was always the "fat" kid in school. I had been overweight for as long as I can remember.

At my heaviest I reached 150 kg.

A lot of the time I was stuck in guilt. Feeling guilty for eating foods that I knew would perpetuate my suffering, guilt for not doing things differently; even though everyday I would promise myself tomorrow would be different.

Going out in public was traumatic as I felt the judging eyes on my large body. I would spend hours and hours searching online for flattering clothes. Anything to hide my shame.

I would go through phases where I would build up the willpower to go on a diet. It would work for a short amount of time, I'd lose some weight then eventually fall off the wagon and put it all back on.

See we're not stupid - we all know what we need to do to lose weight, the reason it's not that simple is because the weight is actually there for a reason. We all have unique reasons why we carry excess weight.

Trauma hidden in the subconscious basement, a void that we fill with food. Underlying fears that create weight to act as a buffer between us and our environment.

So when I shifted from trying the address my physical symptom  (weight) and addressed the real issues, using shadow work, everything changed.

The weight started falling off. There was a natural flow of motivation to move my body, not from sheer will, but new-found desire.

Things tasted differently, things I couldn't live without in the past tasted off to me and I naturally chose fresh, nourishing foods.

If you are ready to discover and transform the subconscious patterns and energetic misalignment holding your weight in place. ​

I would love to support you on your journey.

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