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Over-Saturation - Are You Drowning In Spiritual Wisdom?

Can it be bad to have too much spiritual wisdom at once?

Imagine a you are a pot plant, and the nourishing water is spiritual wisdom. A few small drops come in: You listen to a spiritual teacher, read a quote, you get it. You have a moment of awakening, a shift in perception. You have time and space to integrate it, to really get it on the deepest levels, right to your roots, you ABSORB the KNOWLEDGE that turns into KNOWING.

You begin to live that truth.

But what happens if those drops start coming faster and faster, now your little plant is being blasted by a hose – it’s too much water (wisdom) at once.

If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine you have a flood of tools and techniques from spiritual teachers, quotes, motivational videos etc. THERE IS SO MUCH!

If you consume it all without giving it time to integrate it can feel overwhelming, suffocating, what should be a gentle awakening becomes painful.

Can it be bad to have too much spiritual wisdom at once? Someone asked Marianne Williamson once about reading A Course in Miracles out of order, as in reading ahead without integrating the first chapters. She said you could, but it might be painful for you. Why is this?

Instead of taking the time to absorb and integrate, to make it part of your being, packing on layers and layers of knowledge just sits there, flooding you; when a plant perpetually has too much water it cannot flourish.

From a horticulture site: “Over-watering (over saturation of knowledge), in simple terms, drowns your plant (you feel overwhelmed). Soil that is constantly wet won't have enough air pockets and the roots can't breathe (it is so important to stop, breathe and take appropriate time to integrate). Roots that can't breathe are stressed roots (self explanatory haha). You probably won't know your plant has gotten root rot until you notice that it is wilted, but the soil is still wet (we have gotten out of alignment, we get stressed, sick- all signs we are not in the best state we could be).”

So remember to breathe, give your self time to integrate, take it slowly, enlightenment is not a destination.

Natasha x

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1 comentário

Reena Morar
Reena Morar
29 de set. de 2020

This makes so much sense! Love the analogy here. Brilliant.

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